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Happy New Year! I hope you are all enjoying the start to 2013 wherever in the world you are.

Although our ten year reunion is still quite a ways away (phew!), your class board is busy working on ways to help members of the class of 2007 connect with each other throughout the year.

We’ve been throwing around a lot of ideas about how we can better support individual class members when they want to plan a mini-reunion in their area. These mini-reunions don’t have to be anything fancy – you can connect over a night out at a local gallery, all gather together at a concert, or even have a get together in someone’s home. The Class Board can provide limited funding for these events, as we all know that our fellow Mohos are more likely to show up to someone if there’s food involved! If anyone would like to step up as a coordinator for their area, please let the Class Board know about it, either through the Facebook page, or by getting in touch with one of your board members.

Besides traditions like reunions and mini-reunions, there are lots of other ways to connect with your classmates:

o Website:


o Facebook Page:

o Class Notes: send an email to

Lastly, the Class Board and the College itself runs off of alumnae donations. As we all get further along in our careers, our lives, and our age, hopefully contributing to the college is something that is on our collective radar. Higher education is increasingly a necessity, and one only has to read the newspaper to see how important it is for women to have access not only to a quality education, but also a network of strong women and the empowerment to make her mark. If money is not something you are able to donate at this moment, you can always become a volunteer for the Alumnae Association (). You can volunteer by liaising with prospective students, assisting with procuring gifts to the Mount Holyoke Fund, or by connecting with other alumnae and recent grads.

We wish you all a happy, healthy and fun 2013!