A classic game with a MHC twist!

Next time it’s game night at your house, don’t settle for buying and selling Park Place or Marvin Gardens and hoping for a “Get out of jail free” card.  Mount Holyoke-Opoly allows you to buy and sell your favorite college dorms and buildings with Mary Lyon money!  This game is full of fun Mount Holyoke inspired details that will appeal to alumnae, students, faculty and all friends of the college.

Mount Holyoke-Opoly
Mount Holyoke-Opoly

Each game costs $35 plus $8 for shipping and handling.

For questions or comments please email MountHolyokeOpoly@gmail.com



6 thoughts on “Mount Holyoke-Opoly

  1. amazing idea! i bought three and Kristina was hugely helpful in helping with shipping costs for more than one game! thanks to c/o 2004!

  2. Hello, I just ordered a game, but I live in France, Do you know approximatly how long it will take to receive it? Because there is no information about the shipping and delivery.


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