Recap on our 20th reunion

Our 20th reunion in 2009 was a smashing success!  Take a look at our reunion statistics.

Return rate: We had 92 classmates on campus!

Reunion dorm: McGregor

Class participation percentage: 30.10

Class giving amount: $59,490

Look who was on campus for our 20th  reunion…

  • Dr. Amy E. Abbot, MD (Amy E Abbot)
  • Ms. A.M. Andersen (Amy M Andersen)
  • Ms. Kristin Andersen (Kristin L Andersen)
  • Ms. Christina Bull Arndt (Christina A Bull)
  • Ms. Bethany Aycaner (Bethany J Stevenson)
  • Ms. Rachel E. Barbour (Rachel E Barbour)
  • Ms. Bonnie J. Bartos (Bonnie J Bartos)
  • Ms. Grace C. Buchanan (Grace C Buchanan)
  • Dr. Janet Elizabeth Buhlmann (Janet E Buhlmann)
  • Dr. Anya Butt (Anya Z Butt)
  • Mrs. Sherie Cabalu (Sherie R Worthington)
  • Ms. LaVerne C.S Canady (LaVerne C Shipp)
  • Ms. Frances Chester (Frances G Helland)
  • Ms. Ellen J. Cliggott (Ellen J Cliggott)
  • Ms. Suzanne Barricelli Collins (Suzanne Barricelli)
  • Ms. Elizabeth A. Cowart (Elizabeth A Cowart)
  • Diana Duane Coyne (Diana C Duane)
  • Ms. Jennifer L. Crook (Jennifer L Crook)
  • Laura Louise Cunningham Firkey (Laura L Cunningham)
  • Ms. Karen E. Dervin (Karen E Dervin)
  • Dr. Kimberly Watson Ebb, MD (Kimberly G Watson)
  • Ms. Mary Jo English, CFA (Mary Jo English)
  • Ms. Marca C. Ewy (Marca C Armstrong)
  • Mrs. Liette N. Fales (Liette N Vachon)
  • Ms. Jody L. Fergerson (Jody L Fergerson)
  • Ms. Diana Nixon Fischer (Diana B Nixon)
  • Ms. Susan Willard Freedman (Susan W Freedman)
  • Mrs. Mary Cureton French (Mary K Cureton)
  • Margaret Holm Furleigh (Margaret S Holm)
  • Susan M. Gamble, PhD (Susan M Gamble)
  • Mrs. Jennifer B. Glockner (Jennifer B Boardman)
  • Amy Wilson Grace (Amy E Wilson)
  • Ms. Barbara A. Haik (Barbara A Cash)
  • Mrs. Karin Hanson Jenkins (Karin J Hanson)
  • Ms. Michelle B. Harap (Michelle B Harap)
  • Ms. Rina Cheri Tucker Harris
  • Ms. Mary Kate Hayes (Mary K Hayes)
  • Carolyn Breen Heald (Carolyn A Breen)
  • Dr. Kelly Lynn Hedges-Klenk, PhD (Kelly L Hedges)
  • Ms. Diana J. Hollander (Diana J Hollander)
  • Ms. Cara L. Hudson (Cara L Hudson)
  • Ms. Nancy E. Hutchins (Nancy E Hutchins)
  • Ms. Donna M. Jones (Donna M Jones)
  • Ms. Darla A. Kennerud (Darla A Willis)
  • Ms. Rose Jeannine Kenny, MD (Rose J Choquette)
  • Ms. Cara R. Kiewel (Cara R Kiewel)
  • Susan A. Kirch, PhD (Susan A Kirch)
  • Mrs. Stacy Susman Kuhn (Stacy M Susman)
  • Michelle Lappas Kotara (Michelle-Adrienne Lappas)
  • Ms. Amy R. Lifson (Amy R Lifson)
  • Dr. Erika L. Lindgren (Erika L Lindgren)
  • Ms. Kirsten J. Lindgren (Kirsten J Lindgren)
  • Mrs. Kathryn Carroll Lipka (Kathryn A Carroll)
  • Mrs. Suzanne Jones Lugo (Suzanne C Jones)
  • Mrs. Evelyn Nancy Mann (Evelyn Balabanis)
  • Mrs. Debra Marie Mathiasen (Debra M Jahne)
  • Ms. Julie F. Mattes (Julie F Mattes)
  • Lynn Mercier (Lynn M Snopek)
  • Ms. Alida Montanez-Salas (Alida Montanez)
  • Ms. Julie E. Montgomery (Julie E Montgomery)
  • Mrs. Melissa Kaplan Morse (Melissa S Kaplan)
  • Ms. Colleen Nolan (Colleen P Nolan)
  • Ms. Patricia E. Northington (Patricia E Phillips)
  • Ms. Erika L. O’Brien (Erika L O’Brien)
  • Mrs. Jennifer Trehey O’Malley (Jennifer A Trehey)
  • Ms. Susan Ellen O’Neill (Susan E Haley)
  • Ms. Lillian D. Ortiz (Lillian D Ortiz)
  • Mrs. Jennifer T. Palma (Jennifer T Powell)
  • Karen Q. Pisciotta (Karen M Quinn)
  • Mrs. Nancy Lynn Powers (Nancy L Smith)
  • Mrs. Wendy Mahan Putnam (Wendy A Mahan)
  • Ms. Karen Prairie Ransom (Karen D Prairie)
  • Ms. Jennifer K. Convey Reilly (Jennifer K Convey)
  • Ms. Elizabeth A. Rifer (Elizabeth A Rifer)
  • Ms. Lisa W. Romano (Lisa R Wlodarski)
  • Ms. Ronica L. Roth (Ronica L Roth)
  • Diane L. Ruffo (Diane L Letourneau)
  • Mrs. Ellen Marie Sapp (Ellen M Clifford)
  • Dr. Margaret H. Shanley (Margaret L Hillman)
  • Ms. Deborah L. Shoup (Deborah L Shoup)
  • Ms. Julia R. Slee (Julia R Slee)
  • Ms. Jennifer Boylan Smetana (Jennifer A Boylan)
  • Kathleen A. Stewart (Kathleen A Ayotte)
  • Mrs. Martha Muir Strum (Martha W Muir)
  • Ms. Susan Leslie Sundermeyer (Susan L Pittenger)
  • Dr. Leah R. Turner, PhD
  • Ms. Victoria A. Wachino (Victoria A Wachino)
  • Ms. Tonia L. Wallace (Tonia L Wallace)
  • Ms. Wendy Elizabeth Weiss, LICSW (Wendy E Weiss)
  • Michelle Mason West, DVM (Michelle R Mason)
  • Mrs. Lori E.L. Ziebart (Lori E Laudien)
  • Ms. Amy J. Zuckerman (Amy J Zuckerman)

Listen to the StoryCorp stories:

What is Story Corps?  At Reunion 2009, friends from different classes interviewed each other and the College captured it on tape.  Here are three of our class mates!

Hear or See Laura Cunningham Firkey and Darla (Willis) Kennerud

Hear or See Laura Cunningham Firkey and Karen Dervin

Hear or See Karen Dervin and Darla (Willis) Kennerud

To hear more  interviews go to the virtual cafe page.

Special Thanks

On behalf of the class, we would like to thank all those who work to make reunion so fun and amazing!  Special thanks goes out to the class of 1989 officers 2004-2009 who worked hard to make our reunion a success!

  • Ronica L. Roth, president
  • Susan W. Freedman, Co-Vice President
  • Amy Zuckerman, Co-Vice President
  • Anya Z. Butt, Treasurer
  • Janet E. Buhlmann, Scribe
  • Lynn Snopek Mercier, Head Class Agent
  • Erika L. O’Brien, Co-Reunion Chair
  • Wendy E. Weiss, Co-Reunion Chair


The class of  1989 – class history from 2004

Mount Holyoke has always been an evolving entity.  Seeing all of the changes that have occurred since our last reunion reminds me of the changes that occurred while we were here.  We were on campus the last time Blanchard was renovated into a central all-campus center, combining the duties of Willits and Wilbur snack bars.  The CI and the Odyssey burned and the first incarnation of the Village Commons appeared in its place.  The “barn” evolved into the “Equestrian Center”.  We stopped having to go into the bank as the first ATM came to South Hadley.  We were the last class to have the bands in the amphitheater and instead were entertained by Something Every Friday.  We were also among the privileged few who were able to have our Mary Lyon stamps cancelled at the South Hadley Post Office on issuing day.

Reunion 2009 Signs

“In 1989… Blanchard was renovated (again…and again)”

“In 1989… The Village Common was being built (and we missed Wibur popcorn)”

“Class of 89 a league of our own”

“Kendall, Blanchard and the Equestrian Center were all new when we were at MHC”

“The CI burned down our first semester”

“Our dorm rooms didn’t have voice mail, E-mail or internet access”

“In 1989… The Berlin Wall was standing, the Soviet Union was intact & apartheid still reigned (We boycotted Coke!)”

See who attended our 20th reunion in 2009!

Take a look at the Alumnae Parade!





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