Reunion Elections

Who will be the next President of 2010? Vice president, treasurer, scribes, and more!

Class officers are elected for five-year terms serving from one reunion until the next (except for graduating seniors, who serve until their two-year reunion).

Elections will be held at Class Meeting, which will be taking place at 5pm in the Class Headquarters on Saturday, May 19th. If you are interested in running for a position, please let the Reunion Planners know in advance. Email your name and the position for which you would like to run. You do not have to attend Reunion in order to run for a position. If you will not be able to make it to Reunion, please include with your email 5-10 sentences about why you feel you should be elected (to be read at Class Meeting by the presiding officer).
There will be an opportunity for nomination at the time of the election as well.

General Responsibilities
Class officer responsibilities include working to maintain strong relationships with other class officers, as well as with classmates. Active involvement leads to strong class organization, spirit, communication, and connections with the College and Alumnae Association.
The following descriptions are excerpts from the Class Officers Handbook. For further detail, please see the original document.

The class president is the link between our class, the Alumnae Association and the College. A president must lead with enthusiasm, energy, and commitment. These duties and responsibilities include writing biannual letters, sending e-mails, making personal visits, or calling classmates, as well as playing a prominent role in Reunion Planning and budgeting.

Vice President (This position may also include reunion chair responsibilities)
Vice Presidents should have duties designated by the president. Each Nominating Committee should work with the class board to outline these duties before soliciting candidates for the position. Anyone accepting this office must be prepared to work closely with the president and take over presidential responsibilities, if necessary.

Secretary and/or Scribe
 (1-2 positions)
The secretary/scribe position may be combined or split, depending on the class. The secretary is responsible for preserving class records, keeping minutes of board and class meetings, and retaining the meeting minutes book. The scribe is responsible for gathering, verifying, and preparing class news items, which are forwarded to the Mount Holyoke Alumnae Quarterly Class Notes editor four times a year. The scribes’ guide, available on the Classes and Reunion Resource Page or from the Quarterly office (413-538-3094), provides instructions for preparing class notes.

The treasurer keeps permanent, accurate and business-like records of all class funds, which, at the end of the term, are transferred to the successor. The treasurer completes and submits an Annual Financial Report provided by the Alumnae Association by August 30 each year. She reconciles bank statements on a monthly basis and sends financial reports to the class president at least every six months.

Communications/Web Coordinator (1-2 positions)
The Communications Coordinator/Web Coordinator is responsible for creating, maintaining, and updating the class website or other class social media. Keeping these media current and interesting can be quite time consuming, so splitting the position between two co-coordinators can ease the amount of work and make it much more fun. Creativity is a necessity.

Class Nominating Committee (3 positions)
The class Nominating Committee consists of five members: three elected by the membership at reunion and two appointed by the president, who also appoints one of the three elected members as chair.
The Nominating Committee selects candidates for elective class officers and submits an official slate for class elections. The only additional nominations that can be considered for any given office are those made from the floor at the time of the election at the class meeting.
Consent of the nominee must first be obtained.

Head Class Agent

This officer reports directly to Development Office staff. The head class agent is responsible for her class’s target contribution to the Mount Holyoke Fund each year. She is a motivator and manager of a team of Cornerstone callers and class agents or reunion gift callers who work under her. Training is provided for new head class agents by the Development Office.

Reunion Chair
The reunion chair (or co-chairs) is responsible for organizing and leading the reunion planning process for her class. This person oversees the work of the various reunion committees, keeps up-to-date with planning, and ensures that committee chairs are meeting deadlines. Attends the Reunion Planning Workshop 18 months prior to reunion and erves as the primary contact with the Alumnae Association.