Finding Jobs…?

In an article  this fall in the MH News, Professors Gabriel and Pyle attempt to calm the soon-to-be graduates shaken by this report in the Wall Street Journal, citing that students coming from liberal arts backgrounds are at a disadvantage when it comes to finding a job.

But we also heard, as students (and prospective students), that MHC provides an advantage because of its loyal alumnae network – something Prof Gabriel alludes to in the article.  After attending the Reunion Planning workshop, the class of 2002 (who graduated in the post-9/11 recession) had buoyed our hopes a bit and strongly encouraged us to utilize that alumnae connection. Be sure to check out our LinkedIn groups for 2010 as well as the Alumnae Assocation. We also learned what a great tool LifeNet really is – it’s worth taking some time to figure out!

If you haven’t gotten involved with any Alumnae Clubs, think about joining one. New York City has a particularly active one that hosts frequent events for networking as well as socializing (The Alumnae Assoc.’s LinkedIn is fabulous for keeping up with events and opportunities).