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Our 50th Reunion countdown begins!

Step one: If you haven’t already volunteered to host a Cafe ’69 (aka mini-reunion), contact Linda O’Connell ( and she will set you up. Then organize a Café ’69 (mini-reunion) event in your area or with old friends.   After you do, I would love to have a description, list of attendees and photos that I could share here and on our private Facebook group page.

Step two: Ask “Beth” Elisabeth McGregor for a pen pal with members of our Connector class, Class of 2019. It is fascinating to hear in what activities the current students are interested and involved.

Step three: See if any of the Reunion committee’s activities interest you and if they do, volunteer.

Step four: Subscribe to the Countdown Updates Blog in the sidebar here and get an email of each new update as it is posted.

Step five: memorize our new web address:

We have simplified it so that you can easily get to our site to find the latest updates on activities and schedules. Okay, and to be honest, save our typing too.

Ready, set, start      

connecting, reflecting and inspiring.

Trudy Levy Web Mistress

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