Welcome to the new up and coming home for Mount Holyoke College alumnae class and club web sites.


We provide free centrally managed web services to all alumnae classes and clubs. When you host your site with us, your class or club gets a web address at alumnae.mtholyoke.edu.


Rather than going through the effort of paying for external site hosting and maintenance or putting up with advertisements on a free web host, you can quickly and easily host your site with the Alumnae Association. We conduct daily backups and maintain off-site backups for disaster recovery. You also get access to a modern, easy-to-use site development and maintenance product – WordPress. Check out the list of available features.

Themes and plugins are constantly updated and added to improve your online communications. Check out the Updates page for the latest news and information. View the theme gallery with over 30 quality themes to choose from.

We offer a series of step-by-step easy to follow HD quality video lessons to help you learn every aspect of WordPress.


Here are a list of some of the sites currently being hosted:

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There is a complete list of all class web sites and club web sites elsewhere, but only a few are taking advantage of WordPress at the moment.


If you are ready to get started building your own site or moving your existing site to WordPress, please complete the Registration form to get started right away.


The Association is in the process of gradually transitioning from using CMSimple to using WordPress. CMSimple turned out to  be too simple by not offering many features and ended up being more complicated in some areas than it needed to be. It is no longer being actively developed. The Association will continue to host it for those classes and clubs that want to use it for as long as it will function, but eventually there will be a day when it is no longer compatible or operable. The CMSimple documentation is still available, but will no longer be updated.